Case Study: SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

Plexus Monitors Worldwide SQL Server Enterprise Using Mobile Device

SQL Diagnostic Manager’s mobile console is now part of SQL Diagnostic Manager as its mobile console.

IDERA’s SQL Diagnostic Manager’s mobile console allows Plexus Corporation to simplify and streamline management and monitoring of distributed SQL Servers using a mobile device

Managing and delivering manufacturing information on time and on budget is critical to Plexus’ business. Therefore, they need to be able to access customer data at all times for accurate reporting purposes. Mr. Tom Lane is the Sr. Database Administrator for SQL Server databases at Plexus. With over 10 years of experience managing databases and IT projects, it’s Tom’s responsibility to ensure that Plexus’ 30+ SQL Server databases distributed worldwide are running strong and accessible at all times. Mr. Lane has turned to Idera’s SQL Diagnostic Manager’s mobile console to help him more easily and conveniently monitor, manage, and control all SQL Servers – using only mobile device.

“My major priorities are SQL Server performance and 24/7 accessibility, because no matter what our database have to be running. SQL Diagnostic Manager’s mobile console helps me keep tabs on all of our critical SQL Servers worldwide without having to spend all of my time at my desk. It allows me to monitor and control virtually everything about the databases –easily — right from the palm of my hand, using my mobile device,” said Tom.

“My greatest challenge is the 3-hour roundtrip commute I make to the office. While I’m on the road, literally thousands of things can go wrong with our SQL Server databases and little problems can quickly turn into big problems. But I am powerless to fix anything until I arrive at work. I would often arrive at work with lots of fires that needed immediate attention. Then, I found SQL Diagnostic Manager’s mobile console. It has really changed my life!”

“SQL Diagnostic Manager’s mobile console allows me to stay in touch with our SQL Servers even if I am on the road. If there is a problem, SQL Diagnostic Manager’s mobile console alerts me immediately. Then, if necessary, I can take immediate action to fix the problem – right from the palm of my hand. Now, I’m not behind when I arrive every morning.”

“Just this morning, in fact, I was able to quickly kill a blocking connection that was log jamming the system and restart a mission critical job that had been stopped. It took about two minutes! It was fast, easy, and the end user got the answer to their problem with no waiting. Furthermore, I did it all from the side of the road!”

“There isn’t much I can’t do with SQL Diagnostic Manager’s mobile console. I can easily find, start, or debug jobs and monitor virtually everything about my SQL Servers – right from the palm of my hand. In the few months I’ve been using the product, I haven’t needed to do anything that this product doesn’t allow me to do — anywhere, anytime. It also gives me the power to write my own scripts and to customize any action I need.”

“The alerting capabilities within SQL Diagnostic Manager’s mobile console are really powerful – it has found potential issues that I had never noticed before. For example, a few weeks ago we launched a new system into production in Penang, Malaysia. SQL Diagnostic Manager’s mobile console pointed out that 100% of the drive on that server was in use and needed additional memory quickly. This could have caused serious performance problems if not resolved!”

“Surprisingly, I like the advice that SQL Diagnostic Manager’s mobile console provides – it helps me quickly decide how to alleviate problems. Just look for the text in red and click for more information. I am a knowledgeable DBA with many years of experience, but I’ve still found the advice to be very helpful. I can see this tool being a really great for novice DBAs.”

“I am amazed at the overall feel and performance of the product. Being on my mobile device, it fits in my pocket but it is so informative and offers a lot of power. The product is very well-designed and offers excellent attention to detail. It’s also easy-to-use. I really love using it!

“In summary, SQL Diagnostic Manager’s mobile console enables me to be a more productive database manager because I know what’s going on at all times. Eventually, we will migrate all of data collection processes and applications to SQL Server and I look forward to managing all of these SQL Servers using SQL Diagnostic Manager’s mobile console!”

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