Case Study:

Franciscan Health Services Keep Mission-critical Applications in Top Form


Established in 1968, Franciscan Health is responsible for managing the entire computing infrastructure of the eight hospitals and other healthcare facilities within the St. Francis system. To meet the growing IT needs of hospitals that service thousands of patients a day, Franciscan Health has built an impressive infrastructure using state of the art information technology. Most of the core financial, clinical and management systems are third party applications, and the majority use SQL Server as a backend database. Franciscan Health relies on SQL Diagnostic Manager from IDERA to keep their SQL Server infrastructure healthy and their mission-critical applications performing well.

Tom Sawyer is a Senior DBA at Franciscan. He and his team of four DBAs are faced with the challenge of keeping the key systems, especially SQL Server, healthy for St. Francis. “SQL Server plays a very critical role in our infrastructure, said Tom. It comprises about 75% of our databases and serves as the backend to many of the critical hospital applications we use including our financial, materials management, and medical applications. With these types of applications and information at risk, we have to keep our SQL Server systems running smoothly at all times.”

“We use a wide range of healthcare applications at Franciscan, almost all of which are purchased applications, so we don’t own the code. My team spends a great deal of time working with third party application vendors recommending and implementing improvements to these applications.


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