Do you have the right tool for database development? If you don’t, you’re simply wasting time. Take a peek at Rapid SQL!

First, Rapid SQL has interactive tool tips containing business definitions, metadata, and security alerts. This improves accuracy, knowledge and compliance. Chances are your current tool doesn’t have this. Rapid SQL works across all of your enterprise data sources; it’s one environment for all of your development needs.

Rapid SQL features a powerful ISQL environment loaded with usability features that expedite SQL development. Easily access database information, search for syntax across databases, and SQL debugging is fast. You can quickly work through stored procedures and have complete visibility into variables, their values and data. The watch window lets you change the value of a variable and quickly traverse specific logic statements.

Rapid SQL is the right tool for today’s database development challenges. Try it! Get a free trial of Rapid SQL today!

An Overview of Rapid SQL

IDERA Rapid SQL is the intelligent SQL IDE empowering database developers and DBAs to create high-performing SQL code on all major DBMSs from a single interface. This toolset simplifies SQL scripting, query building, object management, debugging and version control while gaining instant insights on performance expectations. Rapid SQL gives you the ability to construct complex SQL statements with point-and-click ease using the Visual Query Builder.

The integrated SQL Debugger lets you debug SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase or DB2 stored procedures as well as Oracle functions, finding coding errors and improving productivity. Rapid SQL’s single interface lets developers work across database platforms so organizations can standardize on one solution and maximize database development efficiency. Learn More →

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