Webcast : Troubleshooting SQL Server Performance Problems

The DBA may have many priorities, but performance is definitely way up there on top. No DBA can afford to ignore any issues, big or small, around performance. In the first part of this webcast, IT Pro’s senior contributing editor Michael Otey will show you how to troubleshoot some of the common SQL Server performance problems and will also showcase some of the recommended best practices for SQL Server performance. Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Identifying CPU, disk and memory bottlenecks
  • Using the wrong default configuration values
  • Handling Tempdb contention
  • Indexing mistakes
  • Identifying problem queries

Topics :

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Bill Ellis

Bill Ellis is a Sales Engineer for IDERA. Some of his favorite quotes are “time is the currency of performance” and “every significant business transaction interacts with the system of record.” While recognizing the importance of availability and backups, Bill is most motivated by optimization. Completing work faster via processing efficiency is intriguing. Bill has worked with the Precise solution set for several years. Most of all, he enjoys helping people.

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