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Tackle Key GDPR Challenges with Data Modeling and Governance

Presenter: Sultan Shiffa

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive data protection regulation that aims to protect the privacy of individuals within the European Union (EU) by imposing strict requirements on organizations that process personal data. Some key challenges faced by organizations in complying with GDPR include data discovery and classification, enabling the rights of data subjects, handling breaches and crises, and managing data governance implications.

Data modeling and data governance can help tackle these key challenges in the following ways:

  • Discover and classify data: Data modeling allows organizations to understand their data landscape and identify personal data subject to GDPR. This helps in classifying data according to its sensitivity and applying appropriate security measures.
  • Enable the rights of data subjects: Data governance involves tracking the flow of data throughout an organization, including its origin, processing, and storage. This information is essential for complying with GDPR requirements, such as data erasure or portability, as it enables organizations to expose their control over personal data and respond to data subject requests.
  • Handle breaches and crises: Data governance includes monitoring and auditing data access and processing activities. This helps organizations detect and respond to data breaches more effectively, as required by GDPR.
  • Manage data governance implications: Although the term data governance is not a part of the GDPR articles, data governance guidelines are at the heart of its mandate to protect the privacy of personal data.
  • Implement a well-documented data governance strategy helps organizations achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

Join IDERA and Dr. Sultan Shiffa as he focuses on how data modeling, governance and collaboration help Executives, IT Managers, Architects, DBAs and Developers tackle the key challenges around data protection by design and by default, individual rights to access and erasure, valid consent, data protection roles and accountabilities, data breach notifications, and auditing the records of data processing activities. This session will also explore best practices and examples for how to master those challenges and assess the data protection impact. After this session, you can be prepared to become GDPR compliant ahead of the deadline and beyond.

About Sultan Shiffa:
Dr. Sultan Shiffa is a senior software consultant for Enterprise Data Management at IDERA and works as an expert for complex and diverse data management solutions. He has worked for 11 years with IDERA’s largest customers to assist in the development of methodologies for best leveraging and integrating IDERA database products into their existing processes. He is also a key contributor to the IDERA product roadmap. He is known in the market as a polished public speaker at OUG and road shows. Before joining IDERA he worked more than a decade as a database consultant and an Oracle certified (OCP) DBA.

Topics : Data Governance,Data Modeling,

Products : ER/Studio Data Architect,

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