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24x7 SQL Server Performance Monitoring, Alerting & Diagnostics

SQL Diagnostic Manager is a powerful performance monitoring,alerting and diagnostics solution for SQL Server. It proactively notifies administrators to health, performance or availability problems via a desktop console, web console add-on or mobile device. It minimizes costly server downtime by providing agentless, real-time monitoring and customizable alerting for fast diagnosis and remediation.

Why SQL Diagnostic Manager?

In many organizations today, SQL Server supports business-critical applications where server downtime or poor performance has an immediate impact on company-wide productivity. As a result, ensuring SQL Server performance and availability is arguably the most critical function for DBAs today. At the same time, DBAs are tasked with supporting constantly growing SQL Server deployments with limited resources. Access to reliable, real-time information on the status and health of their complete SQL Server environment is essential, along with diagnostic tools to quickly pinpoint and resolve performance issues. SQL Diagnostic Manager meets these needs by monitoring the performance of all SQL Servers and providing the most comprehensive diagnostics on the market.

Product Highlights

  • Performance monitoring for physical and virtual environments
  • Query plan monitoring to see the causes of blocks and deadlocks
  • Transactional monitoring with the SQL Workload Analysis add-on
  • Predictive alerting with settings to avoid false alerts
  • Expert recommendations integrated from SQL Doctor
  • At-a-glance views of top issues and alerts with the web console add-on

Key Benefits

Increases SQL Server Availability

SQL Diagnostic Manager continuously monitors the entire SQL Server environment and provides immediate, customized notifications when performance or availability issues are discovered. Once notified, DBAs and other administrators can quickly investigate, diagnose and correct performance and availability problems.

Comprehensive View of Performance

SQL Diagnostic Manager summarizes current and historical server status across the enterprise and makes this information available on the desktop, web console add-on, or mobile device. It collects and displays extensive real-time activity, status and performance information for sessions, queries, system resources, databases, services, and logs.

Remote SQL Server Access

SQL Diagnostic Manager provides anytime, anywhere access to monitor, diagnose or resolve issues via the web console add-on or a mobile device. Real-time and historical performance data, session details, job data and the ability to take corrective action to resolve issues means you don’t have to be tied to your desk.

Easy Installation and Use

SQL Diagnostic Manager can be installed quickly with no agents or other database objects required on the monitored servers. A typical installation and configuration will take less than 30 minutes. SQL administrators have the option of deploying windows-based or web-based clients to best meet their deployment and end-user needs.

Performance Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring and Analysis of SQL Server and OS health and performance metrics across hundreds of SQL Servers enterprise-wide, including clustered configurations.

Physical and Virtual Database Monitoring to view the performance of both physical and virtual server environments to get a complete view of your SQL Server databases.

Tempdb Monitoring to quickly identify and resolve tempdb contention and performance related issues with the tempdb monitoring and corresponding diagnostic views.

Availability Group Monitoring to monitor the performance of Always-On availability groups in SQL Server 2012. Transactional Monitoring with the SQL Workload Analysis add-on to monitor waits and application transactions with continuous and granular sampling.

Custom Counters provide an unlimited amount of custom counters in the monitoring process. These include any perfmon counters or SQL queries that can be added to the list of existing, pre-defined counters.

Job Management and Monitoring to monitor and alert on job success, failure, canceled or retry events. The Jobs view displays all jobs, their last known status, complete job history and allows start/stop of jobs.

Monitor Replication and Mirrored Environments to easily monitor performance problems with your mirrored or replication environments. OS Monitoring using WMI or OLE automation to collect OS performance collect OS performance metrics.

Diagnostics & Analytics

Integrated Expert Recommendations from SQL Doctor speed up problem resolutions with built-in tuning advice and best practices developed by SQL Server MVPs.

Pinpoint Locks, Blocks & Deadlocks to identify real-time and historical session locks, blocks and deadlocks and look at the complete blocking chain for easy identification and resolution.

History Browser to diagnose a problem that happened minutes, days or weeks ago. Select a past point-in-time and the console displays the SQL Server and the OS performance metrics at that point in time.

Server Activity Timeline displays server performance events as a timeline calendar. Events are color-coded for easy differentiation. Correlate events happening at the same time for quicker remediation.

Performance Baselines compare a server’s baseline values and baseline over time ranges, as well as across different servers. Generated reports allow for better capacity planning for new servers.

Fragmentation Statistics are displayed to help you identify indexes that may need attention.

PowerShell Snap-In to quickly and easily script a number of management tasks and alert response actions.

Quickly Drill Down with the SQL Workload Analysis add-on to isolate problematic queries, resolve locks and latches, tune execution plans, and view actionable advice.

Enterprise Management

Customizable & Scalable Desktop Console offers ‘single pane of glass’ monitoring in an intuitive, easy to use Windows-based console. Critical areas are easily displayed including: Overview, Session, Queries, Wait Stats, Disk Counters, Databases, Services and Logs.

Easy to Deploy Web Console Add-on provides organizations added flexibility in how they deploy SQL Diagnostic Manager enabling them to easily extend use to more SQL Server support staff over the web. Users get at-a-glance summary views of monitored servers, top problem occurrences, and active alerts to quickly see what’s going on.

Central Data Repository stores all historical performance data in a central repository enabling analysis of long-term trends, supports capacity planning and allows for a variety of strategic analysis.

Agentless & Low Impact offers simple and secure data collection through utilization of a background service. The system is agentless and does not install additional services, databases, tables, extended stored procedures or anything else on the production systems.

Application Security offers flexible customization of server access and security permissions so DBAs have full access to one or more servers while other user groups such as Help Desk Operators are provided limited permissions for both accessing and manipulating the databases.

Audit Transaction Logs lets users audit configuration changes which show up in the change log as an event so DBAs can keep track of what these users are doing and can generate a report for an audit trail if needed.

Powerful and Comprehensive Reporting to view key performance trends via an easy to use reporting engine reporting on areas such as CPU to I/O Activity, Physical Disk Activity, Worst Performing by Application or User, Logins (including unsuccessful logins), Procedure Cache Hit ratio, etc. The system also provides a series of reports to forecast database, drive and table growth based on past performance.

Dashboard Templates provide custom dashboards in the web console add-on through which users can add columns/rows, select different metrics from the pane gallery, and share the dashboard among users to see the performance metrics most relevant for that user for any given database.

IntelliFeed™ Technology via Idera Newsfeed follows critical issues and shares updates on SQL Server problems with other technical staff using a social-networking paradigm.

Virtual Performance Monitoring watches the performance of both VMware or Hyper-V virtual servers and the host servers.

Knowledge Base sharing tool gives the ability to add custom environment specific details as a reference point to reduce problem resolution time, increase availability, and increase internal awareness.

Integration with SCOM uses the management pack to propagate the current status, health, events and alerts of all monitored instances up to Operations Manager, allowing the DBA and IT Operations staff to share data at a higher level across the enterprise.


Adaptive and Automated Alerting offers over 100 predefined and configurable alert settings. They’re based on industry best practices and have advanced configuration settings allowing for greater flexibility.

Alert Threshold Recommendations capture the baselines of past performance to determine if any alert thresholds are set in such a way that they may be excessively noisy or cause false positives.

Alert Smoothing and Snoozing to easily “snooze” any alert or group of alerts for a specified number of minutes which prevents alerts from recurring while a problem is being worked on.

Settings for Maintenance Mode disables data collection and alerting during maintenance periods to avoid false positives. Maintenance Mode can be on-demand, one-time or weekly scheduled maintenance periods.

Per-database and Per-disk Alerts Defined. or instance, users can be alerted when disk E is 90% full, plus get alerts on items like OS Disk Full, OS Database Full, and more.

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