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If 80% of application issues can be attributed directly to poor database performance why wait until your customers are complaining about application degradation? Get ahead with IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager. And predict database issues before they happen. IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager quickly pinpoints issues ranging from query performance monitoring to transactional application monitoring and then provides built-in tuning advice and best practices developed by SQL Server MVPs. And these recommendations are integrated into analysis workflows and provides specific guidance to address problem issues including automatic corrective scripts and links to related online content to supercharge your SQL Server performance. Whether your databases are hosted in the public cloud private cloud or on-premises. IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager helps you stay ahead and ensures that your business never slows down.

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IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server is a powerful performance monitoring and diagnostics solution that proactively alerts administrators to health, performance, or availability problems within their SQL Server environment. It allows DBAs to discover potential and existing problems, analyze the state of their SQL Server enterprise, and generate reports. Using a unique agent-less architecture, it gathers diagnostic information in real time, keeping database administrators and managers informed by providing customized alerts. Learn More →

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