Case Study: SQL Safe Backup

MetTel Conquers SQL Server Log Shipping and Improves Data Recovery with IDERA Tools


MetTel - Metropolitan Communications – is an integrated communications provider offering a portfolio of local, long distance, cellular, business, and data services, including Internet access and VoIP solutions, to more than 5,000 small- to medium-size businesses across the United States. MetTel’s 160 employees specialize in providing consolidated billing so services can be aggregated for those businesses with multiple locations, such as retail chains, banks and financial services, hospital and healthcare organizations. Management and account teams can then view and access all of their telecom spending through a unique in-house portal, allowing them to better control of their telecom spending.


Senior SQL Server Database Administrator Chad Markle required a comprehensive and cost-effective method of setting up database log shipping to their locations in New York, Utah, and Rhode Island.


IDERA's SQL Safe Backup provides an interface that allows MetTel to easily create, manage, and monitor backup and log shipping jobs to ensure backups and data recovery perform as specified. With IDERA's virtual database functionality tool, they also have the ability to more effectively retrieve data and respond to problems in a timely manner.

It was IDERA's licensing model for SQL Safe Backup that first caught Senior SQL Server Database Administrator Chad Markle’s attention when shopping for a new SQL backup tool five years ago. “We wanted to set up log shipping, but the licensing model for the backup product we were using at the time wasn’t favorable for doing so.” Because the licensing model only requires a license for production instances on which backups are made, “with SQL Safe Backup, restores to any SQL Server instance are included in the license. Since we wanted to have multiple restore points for multiple instances, it made a lot more sense to go with SQL Safe Backup from a cost perspective. It allowed us to do what we wanted to do at a more reasonable price,” he said.

Save Time and Space with SQL Safe Backup

Markle is taking full advantage of the product’s high performance backup and recovery capabilities, which help him monitor MetTel’s large repository of critical billing and usage data. “With data recovery now being done across the network, it has saved us a lot of time and space, allowing us to make better use of those secondary servers and handle more SQL Server instances,” Markle said.

One of Markle’s favorite features is SQL Safe Backup’s single console, which makes it fast and easy to execute backup and recovery operations on multiple servers and databases at the same time. “With this version, the single console lets us see all of our SQL backups, log shipping, and policies,” he said. The centralized console is also a great tool for Markle to monitor current backup and data recovery operations, as well as retrieve historical information.

“We have one place we can go and see if things are performing the way they should and if backups are performing. Plus, our management team can easily see if things are working and stay on top of the backups. They can also make sure we are doing our jobs and discover if something isn’t working,” he added.

SQL Safe Backup’s speed is also proving to be a great asset for MetTel’s DBAs. “From a speed standpoint, I have fewer re-tries doing log shipping restores with the way SQL Safe Backup has implemented log shipping,” Markle said. Another new feature, zero impact encryption, has allowed Markle to consider doing more data encrypting going forward. “It should have virtually no impact on our resources to implement this security feature,” Markle said.

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