Case Study: SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server plus SQL Safe Backup and SQL Compliance Manager

IDERA Helps the California Department of Health Keep SQL Servers Running Strong


Mitch Bottel, DBA at the California Department of Health and his team are faced with the challenge of maintaining the health of 35+ SQL Servers, that serve as the backend to several healthcare applications. At any given time, these healthcare applications and data are needed by hospitals, state officials, congressmen and more around the state – for information ranging from healthcare to State Legislative bills,” said Mitch. “A huge amount of healthcare data is generated through these applications. My team and I are the keepers of this data. We must ensure that it is available, accessible, and most importantly, secure.”


“Before we found IDERA, my team was simply unable to solve SQL Server issues quickly or efficiently. We had some tools to help us manage SQL Server, but they just weren’t getting the job done. We were not receiving timely alerts or received too many alerts to filter through effectively. Then, because we didn’t have enough performance data available to us, it would often take hours just to diagnose a problem. Once it was diagnosed, we’d often have to do a lot of tedious and time-consuming work on the backend to actually solve the issue. In fact, many times, we weren’t able to determine what had gone wrong. So while my team was wasting a lot of time just diagnosing SQL Server issues, our end users were experiencing unnecessary slowdowns when trying to access data. It was getting really frustrating for everyone.”

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