Case Study: SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

IDERA Helps American Fidelity Assurance Cut Database Administration Time by 50 Percent

As the number and size of SQL Server applications expands at an exponential rate within many companies, database administration requirements also grow, stretching available technical resources to the limit. What's needed is a diagnostic and management tool that can track critical SQL Server performance parameters and deliver alerts to database administrators (DBAs) whenever a problem arises, allowing them to focus on proactive tasks rather than constantly monitoring for problems.

American Fidelity Assurance (AFA), a leading insurance provider, doubled the productivity of its DBA staff by implementing IDERA's SQL Diagnostic Manager. The product enables DBAs to rapidly diagnose and correct performance problems. IDERA made it possible for the DBA team to focus almost 100 percent on true DBA work, eliminating the routine tasks that were occupying half of their time.



American Fidelity Assurance is a leading provider of disability insurance, supplemental medical insurance, annuities, life insurance and Section 125 administration.


Business Situation

The company's DBA staff was struggling with a constant stream of new SQL Server applications, many of which had critical performance requirements. Staff resources were not growing at the same rate, so DBAs were pressed to keep up with the higher database administration workload.


Business Scenario

AFA Database Administrator Derrick McNeill was looking for a tool to help him and other DBAs with routine SQL Server monitoring. He selected IDERA's SQL Diagnostic Manager because it delivered in-depth SQL Server performance monitoring and functionality to help with database administration, yet was extremely easy to configure and use.



With SQL Diagnostic Manager, the DBAs could track the performance variables that they previously checked manually, as well as several additional metrics they rarely had time to review in the past. They now get an alert whenever certain thresholds are exceeded. SQL Diagnostic Manager also provides reports that track critical variables over time, allowing them to stop problems before they affect users. This tracking and reporting on SQL Server metrics saves essentially 50 percent of the DBAs' time previously spent looking for problems.

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