Whitepaper : Why Your AlwaysOn Solution is Not Always On

  • Quorum Configuration
  • Non-voting Nodes
  • Dynamic Weighting
  • Non-AG Member Cluster Nodes
  • Multi-subnet Failover
Presenter: Robert L Davis
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This whitepaper is an intermediate guide for DBAs on avoiding pitfalls that can cause unexpected failures with AlwaysOn technologies like Availability Groups (AGs) and Failover Cluster Instances (FCIs).

Microsoft markets a variety of SQL Server availability technologies under the umbrella term AlwaysOn. AlwaysOn is a broad term covers many features including things as simple as online index rebuilds and automatic page repair. The two main AlwaysOn features are Availability Groups (AGs) and Failover Cluster Instances (FCIs). The name AlwaysOn, however, is somewhat misleading.

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