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SQL programming has some key differences from procedural languages that many developers may have started with. Joe Celko highlights some key areas that SQL developers need to be aware of in order to more effectively write SQL code, and offers heuristics for guidance, for key considerations such as:

  • Choosing exact or approximate numeric data types
  • Dealing with character data types and strings
  • Using temporal data types

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Joe Celko

Mr. Joe Celko is an independent consultant based in Austin, Texas. Mr. Celko joined the ANSI X3H2 Database Standards Committee in 1987 and helped write the ANSI/ISO SQL-89 and SQL-92 standards. He is one of the top SQL experts in the world, writing over 1500 articles primarily on SQL and database topics in the computer trade and academic press. The author of ten books on databases and SQL, Mr. Celko also contributes his time as a speaker and instructor at universities, trade conferences and local user groups.

SQL Query Tuner

  • Granular wait state monitoring
  • Continuous SQL sampling
  • Intuitive drill down to view top activity
  • Query plan tuning and recommendations
  • Lock and latch resolutions
  • Storage visibility and contention resolution

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