Datasheet : IDERA Solutions for DBAs Managing Complex Database Environments

Every year, data becomes increasingly critical to business growth and even more complex to manage and keep secure. The growth in the diversity of database deployments (physical, virtual, private cloud, public cloud) along with the complexity of multiple versions and editions has introduced a lot of variables for today’s DBA to manage effectively. The day-to-day maintenance activities, performance monitoring and security controls with an audit trail of server and user activities are still necessary. Add to that today’s reality of continually evolving and new database technologies, means DBAs must not only learn them, but also manage data migrations as the organization’s data demands grow and change to fit the business dynamics.

To help solve some of these challenges, IDERA provides a portfolio of products to ease the burden of managing complex environments and simplifying planned migrations to hybrid cloud environments. In particular, IDERA has four products which Database Professionals can use to address these environment challenges: SQL Diagnostic Manager, SQL Inventory Manager, SQL Compliance Manager, and SQL Secure.

Read this datasheet to learn more about IDERA’s solutions for database administrators managing complex database environments.

Topics : Cloud Databases,Database Administration,Database Compliance,Database Diagnostics,Database Monitoring,Database Performance,Database Security,

Products : SQL Compliance Manager,SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server,SQL Inventory Manager,SQL Secure,SQL Suites,