Case Study: SQL Safe Backup plus SQL Compliance Manager

SQL Safe Backup Saves Sisters of Mercy Hospital System


Sisters of Mercy Hospital is one of the largest hospital organizations in the country, with 400 sites and clinics and over 40,000 employees. With over 400 SQL Server databases supporting more than 300 third-party applications, such as electronic drug prescriptions, doctor certifications and patient dietary plans, to name a few—backups were consuming storage space too quickly and storage costs were escalating. They needed a solution to compress backups that would also integrate with Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM). The Sisters of Mercy Hospital group was experiencing rapid growth, resulting in ever-increasing storage space requirements for backups. Scott Shaw, the Team Lead of the SQL Server database group, began looking for backup solutions with flexible compression options.

Topics : Database Backup,Database Compliance,

Products : SQL Compliance Manager,SQL Safe Backup,