Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Relational Databases

Rapid SQL Rapid SQL

Visual Query Builder

Construct even the most complicated SQL statements with point-and-click ease.

Code Templates

Eliminate the need to memorize and type SQL syntax.

SQL Editor

Code folding, code collapse/roll-up, syntax coloring, hot key assignments, configurable auto replace of objects, bind variable support, selective statement execution.

Context-Sensitive DBMS Actions

DBMS actions, such as Extract and Drop, are available directly in the context menu of the appropriate tokens in the SQL editor.

Advanced Code Assist

See context-sensitive suggestions as you type (e.g., tables, columns, procedures, functions, and code templates) and is available offline.

Code Formatting

Code folding, syntax coloring, comment toggling, and other auto formatting features make it easy to read, navigate, and edit large SQL files. 

Syntax & Semantic Validation

Validate SQL files and flags all DBMS-specific parser violations or references to objects not found in the target database.

Quick Fixes

Real-time parsing provides code quality suggestions for improving SQL performance as you type.

Code Analyst

Perform detailed response time analysis on the execution of stored procedures and functions.

SQL Debugger

Debug programmable objects such as stored procedures, functions, packages, and triggers. Debug Java, step seamlessly into SQL (i.e. stored procedure) and back into Java again – true system-wide, round-trip debugging.

SQL Profiler

Capture metrics of various PL/SQL programmable objects on Oracle 8.1.5 and higher.

Execution Plan

Graphical and user-customizable display of a database’s internal processing order and priorities for queries. Provides built-in explain and performance execution analysis.

Graphical Object Editors

Create, drop, or alter a wide variety of database objects, including tables, constraints, indexes, views, procedures, functions, triggers, and packages. Editors are common for all objects (across all platforms).

Wizard-Driven Object Creation

Wizards guide users through the creation of objects, prompting for the options that are applicable to objects found on the selected database platforms.

Grouped Object Command Execution

Execute database commands against a select grouping of objects (drop, compile, analyze, etc.).

Extended Alter Support

Generate complex scripts as a result of object manipulation (inserting a column in the middle of a table).

Multi-Platform Interface

Develop high-performance SQL code on Create high-performing SQL code on all major relational database platforms (Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Oracle Database, IBM Db2 LUW and z/OS, SAP Sybase ASE and IQ, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Pivotal Greenplum, Amazon Redshift, and Snowflake) from a single common interface.

Intuitive Interface

Streamline and automate common and repetitive tasks with an easy-to-use GUI and powerful wizards.

Troubleshooting Assistance

Use the automated IDERA Error Report feature to create a zip file containing important details about your Oracle or SQL Server installation, such as product information, hardware metrics, and necessary database information for troubleshooting.

Unicode Support

Full Unicode character support throughout the application.

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