Database Index Defragmentation for SQL Server

SQL Defrag Manager

Customize Defragmentation

Trigger defragmentation of database indexes by fragmentation percentage and scan density. Prioritize defragmentation by fragmentation level, scan density, and index size. Limit defragmentation to the worst indexes and by fixed time duration.

Manage with Policies

Apply policies for defragmentation of database indexes at the level of SQL Servers, database, and indexes. Apply the same policy to multiple objects at the same time. Change the approach for defragmentation across all objects simultaneously by changing the shared policy.

Manage Indexes

Specify how much free space SQL Server should leave on an index page via the settings for the fill factor to limit page splitting and shifting. These settings help to decrease the frequency of the rebuilds of the indexes and improve the performance and availability of the applications.

Check System Resources Proactively

Ascertain the utilization of critical system resources before executing the defragmentation of the database indexes. When a metric is at a user-defined threshold, the defragmentation will be delayed, prevented, or run as scheduled.

Notify Via Email

SQL Defrag Manager provides an early warning system. When the resource check detects that a metric exceeds a user-defined threshold before executing the defragmentation of the database indexes, it sends an email alert. It also sends email alerts when a defragmentation job completes as expected.

View Detailed Metrics

View detailed information such as fragmentation percentage, index and table size, free memory, page density, the rate of increase of fragmentation, defragmentation methods, post-run results, and time to execute.

Report Comprehensively

Access built-in reports that target technical and managerial audiences. Report on the worst fragmented SQL Servers, databases, tables and indexes, reclaimed resources, and other critical information related to fragmentation. Quickly and easily access these reports on demand.

Track Improvement Savings

Reclaim resources from defragmentation of database indexes and track the total improvement on every object in the SQL Server environment daily or over a year. Create annual reports that show the cost savings due to defragmentation.

Centrally Manage, Report, and Notify

The central console enables rapid configuration as well as real-time monitoring of activity. It makes it easy to manage and track fragmentation over a large number of SQL Servers.

Discover Indexes Dynamically

As databases, tables, and indexes are created or deleted over time, SQL Defrag Manager automatically adds new objects and drops deleted objects on a daily basis to keep the overall database environment in top health.

Keep Overhead Low

SQL Defrag Manager collects fragmentation details intelligently based on customizable automation policies. It is agent-less and runs quietly in the background as a service, which keeps overhead on SQL Servers low.

Install Quickly and Use Easily

Install SQL Defrag Manager quickly. It supports a mixed environment of Windows integrated security and SQL Server native security.Complete a typical installation and configuration in less than 30 minutes.

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