Fragmentation drains SQL Server performance and uses unnecessary database space. Finding troublesome fragmented indices can be time-consuming. And defragmenting is resource-intensive. Fragmentation problems. SQL Defrag Manager from IDERA can help. SQL Defrag Manager empowered SQL DBAs to automatically find and fix costly SQL fragmentation issues. It provides automated analysis of key metrics related to fragmentation and quickly identifies performance draining areas and automatically alerts. Your team can take action manually or proactively configure. And schedule detailed defragmentation policies. Worried about system impact? SQL Defrag Manager can limit defragmentation to the top problem indices and be scheduled to occur at off-peak hours. Analyze historical fragmentation statistics to fine-tune defrag policies monitor. And optimize defragmentation in real-time across hundreds of SQL Servers and thousands of SQL databases from a single management console. Defragmentation does not have to drain your SQL Server performance. SQL Defrag Manager enables DBAs to unchain SQL Servers and automatically control costly defragmentation issues. See for yourself. Visit today. And download a free full-function trial of SQL Defrag Manager.

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