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When you become an IDERA customer, our goal is to keep it that way. That's why we provide world-class, worldwide customer support. Check out all of the support options below!

IDERA is proud to provide you with industry-leading management solutions for SQL Server and IT infrastructure performance, along with world-class, personalized technical support. Our goal is to provide you with the assistance and information you need to achieve success with IDERA's products. 24x7 worldwide customer support is available to IDERA customers that hold a current maintenance contract.

Use our Customer Support Portal to:

  • Access information about IDERA products that you have purchased
  • Search our Knowledge Base
  • Submit/track technical support cases
  • Review current product versions and release dates.

Please log in to the customer portal for your product(s) with the email address used at the time of purchase for the corresponding product line.

SQL Server Products:
Log in to the SQL Server Products Customer Portal →
View Supported Versions information for SQL Server products →

ER/Studio and DB PowerStudio Family Products (formerly Embarcadero):
Open a Support Case for ER/Studio or DB PowerStudio Products →
View Supported Versions information for DB PowerStudio and ER/Studio products→
Log in to the Registered Products Portal to download the latest version releases→

MySQL Products:
Log in to the SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL Customer Portal→
Create and manage support tickets for SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL→
Create and manage support tickets for SQLyog→

Aqua Data Studio:
Log in to the Aqua Data Studio Support Portal→
View supported versions information for Aqua Data Studio→

Log in to the Precise Portal →

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor:
Log in to the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Customer Portal →


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SQL Products

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Formerly up.time

Precise Application Performance Platform

ER/Studio or DB PowerStudio Products Formerly Embarcadero

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