Whitepaper : Moving SQL Server to a Virtual Platform

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Author: Robert L. Davis
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This whitepaper is a guide for DBAs on moving SQL Server from a physical environment to a virtual environment.

Virtualization has become a major topic for Database Administrators. In the early days of virtualization, SQL Server was not considered suitable for virtualizing. However, the virtual platforms have matured, and virtualizing SQL Server is a widely accepted practice. Virtualization is now a critical part of enterprise environments to varying degrees.

Virtualization also plays a major role in consolidation, especially in large enterprises. Virtual machines (VMs) offer a way to consolidate many small physical servers into a few large servers while still maintaining separation of the workloads. A well-tested, successful approach to virtualization is to start slow and grow your virtual platform. Combine this approach with proper planning and good standards and practices to ensure a successful mover to VMs.

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