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Enterprise Data Management: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

What does current practice in data management look like, and, more importantly, what should it look like?In this presentation, we will describe how data management is typically practiced, and contrast this with how it should be conducted. We introduce the concept of an integrated approach to data management that is consistent and cohesive across all parts of an enterprise. We discuss the benefits of this approach, and we identify what is required in terms of software tools to support this approach and make it more effective and productive.We will also demonstrate how to use ER/Studio to document your enterprise architecture with detailed data models that accurately represent your organization and its priorities. These can serve as the basis for enabling data quality and data governance programs.

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Bruce Hiddle and Anil Mahadev

Bruce Hiddle is the Senior Analytics Consultant from Catapult BI. Bruce has gathered a large collection of insights from many years of experience working across all aspects of Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics.Anil Mahadev is a Solutions Architect and Database Professional at IDERA. He participates as a Cloud and Database Evangelist and an active community member in leading Database User Groups and Conferences world-wide.

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