Webcast : ER/Studio Business Architect

The Conceptual Data Model as a Cornerstone for Data Strategy

Explore how to position your conceptual data model and acquire techniques for engaging stakeholders and avoiding pitfalls. Starting from the importance of “precision”applied to conceptual data models, Steve Hoberman walks us through the challenges, the connection to data strategy and key takeaways from the projects he managed.

Witness the power of the conceptual data model and see how it can help you with your data strategy.

Steve Hoberman shares his over 30 years experience on conceptual data models to help you with your data strategy. Steve has trained over 10,000 people in data modeling since 1992 and he’s the author of nine books on data modeling.

Topics : Data Governance,Data Modeling,Enterprise Architecture,Metadata,

Products : ER/Studio Business Architect,ER/Studio Data Architect,ER/Studio Data Architect Professional,ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition,ER/Studio Team Server Core,

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