Welcome to IDERA Virtual Education. My name is Bjorn Hobbed. I will be showing you how you can archive the events within SQL Compliance Manager. The repository in SQL Compliance Manager can grow quite rapidly. And sometimes you may have to go on archive some of these events. You can achieve that by going under the auditing archive and retention. And then you can either archive the events right now from within the console. Or you can go and adjust the archive preferences on here. If you select archive preferences here. You can then specify to remove events old at an X number of days from the live auditing database. And move them into an archive database. And the archive databases will be created monthly, quarterly, or annually. So you can specify if you want to have all events stored in a year’s database. Or if you want to have a new database created every month for each server, for example. If you want to schedule the archive, you would click archive. And retention archive all the data now. And then specify if you want to do this across all your servers. Or just for a specific instance. The events from a certain instance. And then, once you have done that, you can click on the generate script button. And that will then provide you to command-line syntax for performing the backup. So you can then take this. Make it into a batch file. And then have this Window Scheduler kick that off on a weekly schedule, for example. Thank you for watching IDERA Virtual Education.

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How To Set Up Archiving in SQL Compliance Manager

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