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Design New Databases. Part 3: Create and Deploy Database Designs

In this use case, the mission is for a data architect who wants to take requirements from their customer in the business community and then produce a design and deploy it to a live database.

A logical design needs to be converted to a physical design aligned with the target data product. Each product has a distinct set of rules and ER/Studio allows you to generate a model from the logical and apply those rules. ER/Studio provides a wizard to guide the user through this process with transformation options. This wizard performs several functions, such as converting the generic data types to product specific types using user extensible mappings. The wizard will also resolve many-to-many relationships that are not valid in databases and generate indexes and views.

An important part of the transformation is with naming. Most organizations wish to maintain standards for naming whilst using names compatible with the database product. ER/Studio can apply naming conventions and generate physical names using a naming standards template. One can deploy and keep this naming process against the logical model or generated by the wizard during the physical model generation process. One can then enrich the physical model with database-specific artifacts such as functions, procedures, users roles, etc. Once complete the model, one can deploy it as data definition language (DDL) code to a database via the next wizard.

Learn the steps on how to use IDERA’s ER/Studio Data Architect to design a new database in this video series.

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ER/Studio Data Architect provides numerous modeling capabilities including naming standards, business data objects, and flexible macros that help data professionals create and document their data models. With an extensive feature set, ER/Studio Data Architect offers superior data modeling for single- and multi-platform environments.

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