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IDERA’s Solutions for the Cloud

Accessing your databases and applications in the cloud has become easy to do, with multiple options available for selection based on your specific needs. Whatever the cloud configuration, IDERA provides a wide range of database tools to help you manage and monitor your environment.

The cloud delivers information technology as a service on-demand, allowing users only to consume the capacity they need. The cloud is the infrastructure that the services run on. The cloud is a computing solution that provides shared resources over the Internet or on a private network. Computers in the cloud are configured to work together. The various applications use collective computing power as if they are running on a single system.

The flexibility of the cloud is a function of the allocation of resources on demand. This assignment of resources facilitates the use of the cumulative resources of the system, negating the need to assign specific hardware to a task. With the advent of the cloud, resources are used as an aggregated virtual computer. This amalgamated configuration provides an environment where applications execute independently without regard for any particular setting. Users only access the resources that they need for a specific task. As such, users benefit from the flexibility, economies of scale, and optimized management of resources.

This solution brief discusses the fundamental concepts of the cloud (such as virtualization, building blocks, layers, service delivery models, deployment models, and providers). The solution brief also presents the cloud-oriented capabilities of IDERA’s products.

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