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Getting Started Guide for SQL Defrag Manager

SQL Defrag Manager lets you find and fix fragmentation hot spots on databases running in your SQL Server environment. Because of its depth and potential for customization, there are often parts of SQL Defrag Manager that are overlooked during the initial trial period. This document is designed to point out areas that may have been missed or that can be modified to give you full control over management and reporting in your SQL Server environment.

Read this getting started guide for SQL Defrag Manager to learn quickly about its benefits, permission requirements, architecture, capabilities, configuration, and first use.

Table of contents: Purpose of this document, Introduction, Why use Defrag Manager, Management Service permission requirements, and Capabilities (Automate defragmentation using policies, Performance manual defragmentation, and View activity and results).

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SQL Defrag Manager

Easily and Automatically Find and Fix SQL Server Index Fragmentation

  • Automate identification of index fragmentation “hot spots”
  • Schedule index defragmentation jobs
  • Avoid database contention with system resource pre-checks
  • Reduce page splits with index fill factor settings control
  • Centrally manage, report and notify instantly

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