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Getting Started Guide for SQL Compliance Manager

SQL Compliance Manager is a secure, lightweight auditing and reporting solution for enterprise-level Microsoft SQL Server environments. Because of its depth and potential for customization, there are often features of SQL Compliance Manager that are overlooked during the initial trial period. This document is designed to highlight areas that may be missed or that can be modified to give you more control over compliance and reporting in your SQL Server environment.

Read this getting started guide for SQL Compliance Manager to learn quickly about its benefits, permission requirements, architecture, capabilities, configuration, and first application.

Table of contents: Purpose of this document, Introduction, Why use SQL Compliance Manager, Architecture, Port requirements, and Capabilities (Use event alerts to analyze audit data, Use status alerts to ensure compliance, Use data alerts to perform forensics, Use report cards to track SQL Server activity, Report on audit data, Manage audit data, and Groom audit data)

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Monitor, audit and alert on SQL Server changes

  • Audit sensitive data to see who did what, when, where, and how
  • Monitor and alert on suspicious activity to detect and track problems
  • Satisfy audits for multiple industry regulatory requirements
  • Select from over 25 pre-defined compliance reports and create custom views
  • Lightweight data collection agent minimizes server impact

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