Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Relational Databases

Rapid SQL

Version 17.1

  • Support for Azure Active Directory
  • Increased performance for ISQL window and batch processing

Version 17.0.4

  • SQL Server 2019 (experimental support), PostgreSQL 11.2, Oracle 18c and 19c database support
  • Bug fixes

Version 17.0.3

  • Greenplum database support
  • Sybase 16.0 database and debugger support
  • Bug fixes

Version 17.0

  • Platform updates:
    • SQL Server 2017 database and Windows Server 2016 OS support
    • MySQL bug fixes and support up through 5.7.18
    • PostgreSQL up through 9.6.x, plus SQL code completion
    • Greenplum support for SQL code completion
    • Removal of support for Firebird and InterBase platforms
  • Additional SQL Server platform support:
    • Enhanced execution plans – pre & post views, display modes
    • Support for advanced object properties including In-Memory Tables, Natively Compiled Triggers / Procedures / Functions, Column-Store Indexes, Encryption, Data Compression, Temporal Tables, Data Masking
    • Debugger updated for local databases for latest releases
    • Problem report generation extended to SQL Server environments
  • .msi version available for UI-free “headless” installation

Version 16.6

  • Additional Oracle object types
    • Audit Policies
    • Unified Auditing
    • Resource Plans
  • Improved Oracle Explain Plan support

Version 16.5

  • Rapid SQL now has a single edition that includes all available features and has been rebranded for IDERA.
  • Oracle enhancements include additional schema object types, partitioning options, and set current schema.
  • Usability improvements for visibility to data in the database, internal SQL statements, and ability to capture system and product details in an automated error report.

Version 16.0

SQL Analytics for SQL Server
  • Performance insights - Generates syntax performance hints and suggests syntax construction changes where suboptimal SQL statement construction has been used, which leads to poor performance
  • Index suggestions - Analyzes the system to look for Missing Indexes and suggests indexes to improve performance where the existing indexes insufficiently cover the query and cause excessive data scans
  • Cardinality & data skew - Shows the user just how poor performance of the SQL statements would be when run against the worst cardinality with the highest data skew
Team Server Integration
  • Designate Team Server as the data source catalog
  • Login to your data source using your Team Server credentials
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