Access Data Fast in a Virtual SQL Server

SQL Virtual Database

Intuitive Console

The console allows virtual databases to be quickly and easily added, edited, or removed. Open the SQL virtual database in seconds and accomplish tasks more quickly.

Point-in-time Selection

Restore from any point in time; simply select a point-in-time allowing for granular control over the state of the information displayed in the virtual database.

Attach full backups

No backup is too large, attach a full backup and simply select a new name for the SQL virtual database, it shows up just like any other database in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Attach multiple backups

Choose a series of backups to run queries, reports, and other analysis against. Find out which rows were added, modified, or deleted since the last backup.

Light-weight installation

Quickly and easily install onto a single non-critical system and attach all virtual databases to a single SQL Server instance.

Recover Stored Procedures and more

Recover a stored procedure, create DDL script of an entire database, table or data, or view user, role or permissions as of yesterday’s backup or any day prior using SQL Server Management Studio

Compare Databases

Identify rows added, modified &/or deleted since last backup using a compare tool, like IDERA SQL Comparison Toolset

Recover Tables

Recover tables without restoring databases using BCP

Report Data Changes

Report on data changes, security and permissions over time using T-SQL

Run Reports Without Restoring

Run a historical report without restoring databases using SQL Server Reporting Services

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