Database Administration Tools for SQL Server SQL Toolbox

Administer, manage disaster recovery, and tune performance

Database administrators need reliable, real-time health and status information. They also need to minimize the time and effort spent on the routine administration of databases across the organization. To address this challenge, benefit from IDERA’s bundle of top tools for SQL Server administration.

Simplify daily administration tasks

Manage disaster recovery

Tune for performance, security, and disaster recovery

SQL Toolbox provides a versatile collection of SQL Server tools, from administration to disaster recovery management and performance tuning.

Reduce time

Reduce time spent on daily SQL Server administration

Manage, discover, and explore your SQL Server environment. Simplify migrating, consolidating, and creating SQL Server instances. Avoid spending countless hours on routine administration, diagnostics, and analytics tasks across multiple instances. Skip writing and maintaining complex and error-prone scripts.

Identify vulnerabilities

Manage security and permissions

Identify existing vulnerabilities in SQL Server including managed cloud instances. Manage, review, and update security policies. Rank protection with distinct security levels. Scrutinize rights, files, directories, weak passwords, operating system, and more. Analyze and report user permissions and groups across databases.

Tune performance, security, and disaster recovery

Optimize SQL Server in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. View a summary of the health of the entire environment and a selected server. Display prioritized list of performance optimization recommendations Generate executable SQL scripts to optimize performance. Access analysis history and view trends.

Tune Performance, Security

“With SQL Toolset, end-user performance is much better.”

Heinrich Kruger, Senior IT Manager, Auto and General
(medium enterprise, insurance, South Africa, 1,000 or more SQL Server databases)

"With SQL Toolbox, we identify issues before they cause problems."

Gale Mecham, Database Administrator, Brigham Young University
(educational institution, USA, 100 to 249 SQL Server databases)

"SQL Toolbox has some great features that simplify tasks that would otherwise need to be done manually, or coded to deploy to multiple machines."

Database Administrator, Global 500, automotive and transport,
USA, 100 to 249 SQL Server databases

Are you ready to see how SQL Toolbox can help you administer and manage your SQL Servers better?

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SQL Toolbox consists of IDERA’s three top tools for SQL Server administration and management:

Please refer to the datasheet for SQL Toolbox for more information.

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