Database Performance Monitoring for SQL Server

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

Monitor, alert, diagnose, and report on database availability and performance

  • Monitor performance for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
  • Monitor queries and query plans to see the causes of blocks and deadlocks.
  • Monitor application transactions with SQL Workload Analysis add-on.
  • View expert recommendations from SQL Doctor to optimize performance.
  • Alert predictively with settings to avoid false alerts.
  • View summary of top issues and alerts with the web console add-on.

Monitor Performance of Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Environments

Easily monitor and view the performance of physical servers, virtual servers (VMware and Hyper-V), and cloud environments to get a complete view of SQL Server databases. View performance metrics and alerts for virtual machines and their related hosts including CPU, memory, disk usage, network etc. to get a complete performance picture of the SQL server environment.

Monitor Performance of Queries

Identify and monitor inefficient and poor performing SQL queries, batches, statements and stored procedures causing blocks and deadlocks, such as long or most frequent queries or queries consuming unusually high CPU or I/O. Thresholds can be configured on each individual server allowing for greater flexibility, and the interface makes it very easy to see the most costly queries by looking at individual query executions or query signatures.

*NEW* Monitor Application Transactions with SQL Workload Analysis Add-on

Now available in the Pro version of SQL Diagnostic Manager

Monitor query waits, sample SQL continuously, drill down into transaction analysis, view recommendation to improve queries, tune statement plans, and resolve locks and latches with the SQL Workload Analysis add-on. Isolate application problems and receive recommended remedies.

Combine the operational monitoring from SQL Diagnostic Manager and transactional monitoring with SQL Workload Analysis to view instance properties and alerts, receive prescriptive recommendations for operational diagnosis, analyze workloads for transactional diagnosis, and arrive at a comprehensive root cause analysis.

View Expert Recommendations from SQL Doctor

View expert recommendations from IDERA’s SQL Doctor that are an integral part of SQL Diagnostic Manager at no additional cost. Enhance performance and speed up problem resolutions with built-in tuning advice and best practices developed by SQL Server MVPs. Analysis workflows embed this valuable information. It provides specific guidance to address problem issues including automatic corrective scripts and links to related online content to supercharge SQL Server performance.

Alert Predictively and Avoid False Alerts

Avoid false alarms with adaptive alerting functionality. Set alert thresholds based on built-in historical statistical analysis of server performance data. Present a percentage of likelihood that various events may occur later in the day based on past behavior trends via the embedded heuristic analysis of event trends and behaviors. Be better prepared to diagnose, drill down, and resolve an issue quickly and efficiently.

View Summary of Top Issues and Alerts with Web Console Add-on

Log in from anywhere and quickly check the status of monitored server instances to identify and diagnose issues with the web console add-on. View the current status of monitored instances, drill down into single instance details, view the top occurrences of performance issues, and see a rollup of all active alerts. Customize your display with eighteen new widgets, enhanced heat map view, and query wait state visualizations. Create any number of individually configured dashboards to address the needs of the entire organization.

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