Database Comparison and Synchronization for SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Oracle Database

SQL Comparison Toolset for SQL Server

Migrate database schema and data changes

Accelerate your DevOps workflows. Easily automate and propagate database schemas from development through staging to production. Around the world, database administrators and developers managing the movement of database versions through their organizations save hundreds of hours and achieve much higher levels of precision and accuracy.

Use Cases

  • Upgrade and downgrade databases between different versions and editions of SQL Server or Oracle Database.
  • Migrate between SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Amazon RDS for SQL Server.
  • Move between different database environments (such as testing, development, production, and archive).
  • Detect and repair unwanted database changes by comparing to backups and snapshots.
  • Restore damaged databases down to individual objects instead of full database restores.
  • Compare problematic databases to normal databases to find root cause.
  • Verify successful database migration and replication.
  • Review progress in development by exploring differences in schemas and data.
  • Test database migration to production by replicating same migration in test environment.
  • Preserve accurate and complete change history via schema snapshots.
  • Integrate database change management with other workflows (such as DevOps).


  • Speed up comparisons with robust comparison engine.
  • Rerun comparisons faster by saving comparison sessions.
  • Maintain history and audit trails by taking schema snapshots.
  • Reverse schema changes efficiently and safely via schema snapshots.
  • Avoid manual synchronization errors by generating ready-to-deploy SQL.
  • Prevent database corruption by wrapping synchronization scripts into single transactions.
  • Run extensive synchronization scripts with script execution engine.
  • Handle large databases with custom-built algorithms.
  • Reduce learning curve, save time, and avoid errors with intuitive user interface.
  • Automate and integrate comparison and synchronization with command-line interface.

Compare and Synchronize Schema and Data

Quickly and easily compare schema and data and synchronize schema and database changes across instances and versions of SQL Server or Oracle Database. Explore changes in each database object down to specific lines of SQL script. Migrate data, copy databases, and audit data.

Generate Synchronization Scripts

Generate SQL scripts for comparing and synchronizing schema and data. View the synchronization log for a summary of the changes to apply to the target database.

Customize Comparison Sessions

Customize comparison sessions by adding databases, credentials, options, mapping rules, scripting options, and more to allow for flexibility in comparison operations.

Navigate Intuitive User Interface

An intuitive user interface includes a streamlined comparison grid with grouping, filtering and search capabilities. The interface also includes a compelling view of SQL script differences for faster and more comfortable navigation.

Automate via the Command-line

Use the using the command-line interface to automate and integrate schema and data comparison and synchronization operations. A wizard with a simple user interface assists with creating an extensible markup language (XML) file step-by-step.

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