Solutions for SQL Server

IDERA solutions help DBAs manage all facets of their SQL Server environments. Design and develop SQL Servers with ease.
Monitor the performance of your SQL Servers 24x7. Audit sensitive data and stop potential threats to your SQL Server environment.
Reduce failures and instantly restore SQL Servers. Track complex SQL Server database schema changes, tune SQL code, and more.


SQL Diagnostic Manager

Comprehensive SQL Server performance monitoring, alerting and diagnostics

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DB Optimizer

Tune and optimize SQL code across DBMS platforms

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SQL Safe Backup

Hands-free SQL Server backup across the enterprise

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Manage multiple DBMS platforms from one UI

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SQL Secure

See who has access to what and how permissions are granted in SQL Server

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SQL Compliance Manager

Monitor, audit and alert on SQL Server user activity and data changes

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Simplify data modeling in multi-platform environments

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Aqua Data Studio

Design and manage databases, and visually analyze data for many platforms

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DB Change Manager

Automate, manage, and track complex database schema changes

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