Security & Compliance

Improve SQL Server audits, strengthen permissions
security & alert on data changes in your environment

SQL Compliance Manager SQL Compliance Manager
Monitor, audit and alert on SQL
user activity and data changes
  • Audit Data to see who did
    what, when, where, and how
  • Track, detect, and alert
    suspicious activity
  • Satisfy Audits for PCI, HIPAA,
    FERPA and SOX requirements
  • 25 built-in reports to validate
    SQL Server audit trails
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SQL Secure SQL Secure
See who has access to what
and how
permissions are
granted in SQL Server
  • Identify existing vulnerabilities
    in your SQL Servers
  • Harden security policies
    across SQL Servers
  • Rank security levels with
    the security report card
  • Analyze and report user
    permissions across SQL Servers
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