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Idera SQL Compliance Manager

Monitor, audit, and alert on user activity and data change for airtight database security

Your databases contain your most valuable business assets, making data security a critical business function. Idera SQL Compliance Manager protects those assets — and your peace of mind — with robust alerting features and audit reporting tools. What's more, SQL Compliance Manager helps you address your industry’s tough regulatory compliance requirements with confidence, and ensure your SQL Server is HIPAA-compliant, GDPR-compliant, and more.

Three screenshots of SQL Server auditing dashboards from SQL Compliance Manager
  • Monitor, alert, and log access to databases and servers
  • Scan your databases to identify personal data and other sensitive data
  • Create trustworthy audit records and reports of security events
  • Validate that the audit trail repository has not been tampered with

Since implementing SQL Compliance Manager, we achieved much quicker analysis for regulatory compliance.

Andy Whallen, Database Administrator, TrialCard, Inc.

Global 500, professional services, USA

SQL Compliance Manager lets us give the auditors and managers direct access to reporting.

Ray Lidzy, Database Administrator, Community America Credit Union

Medium Enterprise, Financial services, USA

Since implementing SQL Compliance Manager, we achieved speedy reporting and self-reporting.

Ray Lidzy, Database Administrator, Community America Credit Union

Medium Enterprise, Financial services, USA

SQL Compliance Manager is very easy to set up and use.

Markus Hofmann, Database Administrator, HUK Coburg

Large Enterprise, Insurance, Germany

With SQL Compliance Manager, we reduced the unauthorized usage of SQL Native service accounts by 99%.

Database Administrator, small business, computer software, USA


Since using SQL Compliance Manager, 92% of surveyed customers improved their ability to monitor sensitive data access.

Database Administrator, small business, computer software, USA


We decreased the amount of time they used to spend generating audit compliance reports by more than 75% from using SQL Compliance Manager.

Database Administrator, small business, computer software, USA


Since using SQL Compliance Manager, 100% of surveyed customers have experienced an improvement in generating compliance reports.

Database Administrator, small business, computer software, USA

  • Customize regulatory guideline templates

    Apply the right SQL Server auditing settings to your servers and databases for PCI DSS, DISA STIG, NERC, CIS, FERPA, SOX, GDPR, and HIPAA regulations.

  • Apply fine-grained filtering

    Quickly compare your customized or modified audit configuration against the regulation guidelines to verify that your settings are compliant.

  • Use default configuration settings

    Reduce data collection, transmission, and storage overhead with powerful filtering capabilities that enable you to collect only the data that is important for audit and compliance.

  • Generate reports

    Define and apply default configuration settings at the server or database level, view any differences from default settings, and add new databases to the auditing list automatically.

  • Audit SQL Server access

    Perform comprehensive auditing of SQL Server data changes and database events, including trace events, extended events, and audit logs.

  • Capture before and after data

    Discover sensitive data that needs to be audited using the integrated sensitive column search, then audit any combination of columns and be alerted when they are accessed.

  • Audit sensitive data

    Compare before/after data (BAD) values resulting from inserts, updates, and deletions on any table.

  • Run tamper-proof audits

    Audit privileged users to ensure all SQL Server database accesses are tracked and reported, or designate a Server Level Trusted User to reduce data collection for that user.

  • Customize alerting

    Define rules to receive immediate notification, with customizable alerts for more than 200 specific SQL Server Event types that can be stored in the audit repository, emailed directly to a user, or written to an event log.

  • Alert on thresholds

    Filter, alert on, and audit user-defined events, for full tracking and reporting of privileged user database activity.

  • Customize auditing

    Configure multiple event threshold levels, and set system alerts (via email, event log, or SNMP) when they are exceeded.

  • Alert to specific data

    Issue alerts based on defined rules for events, status, or data for sensitive columns or before/after data (BAD) changes.

  • Audit at the enterprise level

    Easily manage and track SQL Server audit activity over a large number of servers with real-time monitoring of agent activity and the audit data stream.

  • Support availability groups

    Guarantee the integrity of audit data with an immutable repository that automatically detects attempts to change or tamper with data.

  • Setup tamper-proof auditing

    Avoid losing SQL Server audit data trail in the event of failure—automatically switch auditing from primary to the secondary replica in the event of failure, and fallback to primary when it comes back online.

  • Provide read-only access

    Grant users read-only auditor privileges, to support report and query execution as well as self-audit, integrity reporting, and configuration and data collection parameter change alerts.

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Auditing is made easy with SQL Compliance Manager. Try it for yourself.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

SQL compliance is a term used to refer to the body of rules that govern how organizations should use and secure the sensitive data stored in SQL Server. These rules may differ by industry and location, but Idera SQL Compliance Manager can be customized to ensure you're complying with all industry regulations and that your organization's most sensitive data is airtight.

Auditing a SQL Server instance or SQL Server database means tracking and logging activity and events that occur in the system. Database auditing enables a high level of visibility into any misuse or breaches, allowing you to react with speed and accuracy as soon as a problem occurs.

SQL Server's default security settings are strong, but when it comes to business-critical data, it's impossible to be too careful. Idera's SQL Compliance Manager offers an industry-leading suite of SQL Server alerting and auditing tools for an airtight SQL Server environment, making SQL Server best practices easy.

Auditing is made easy with SQL Compliance Manager. Try it for yourself.

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