Monitoring & Performance

Comprehensive database monitoring, management, and performance tools to help you find and fix issues fast

SQL Diagnostic Manager SQL Diagnostic Manager
Performance monitoring,
alerting, and
for SQL Server
  • Monitor physical, virtual
    and cloud environments
  • Find blocks and deadlocks
    with query plan monitoring
  • Troubleshoot past issues
    with historical data
  • Minimize server sprawl with
    database growth forecasting
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SQL Doctor SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL
Agentless and cost-effective performance monitoring
for MySQL and MariaDB
  • Monitor in Real-time
  • Track Configuration
  • Monitor Locked and
    Long-running Queries
  • Monitor Amazon
  • Find Top 10 Queries
    across Servers
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SQL Doctor SQL Doctor
Get advice and recommendations
on how to fix a performance problem
  • Real-time performance
  • Locate performance issues
    with "Quick Findings"
  • Optimize performance with
    executable scripts
  • View expert recommendations
    to improve performance
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SQL Defrag Manager SQL Defrag Manager
Find and fix SQL
hot spots fast
  • Schedule and automate
    defragmentation jobs
  • Avoid database contention with
    system resource pre-checks
  • Centrally manage, report
    and notify instantly
  • Reduce page splits with index
    fill factor settings control
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SQL Inventory Manager SQL Inventory Manager
Discover and Visualize
your SQL Server Environment
  • View inventory-Know what's
    where & who owns it
  • Auto-discover to better
    manage server sprawl
  • View health scorecards to
    fix potential problems
  • Get alerts when a server
    goes down, or space is low
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SQL BI Manager SQL BI Manager
Monitor and manage the health and
availability of SSAS, SSRS, & SSIS
  • View active sessions, workload &
    report generation performance
  • Access data including cube size
    and resource utilization
  • Set up alerts with
    configurable thresholds
  • Log in from anywhere for at-a-glance
    views, issues & alerts
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DB Optimizer DB Optimizer
Tune & optimize SQL code
across DBMS platforms
  • Streamline SQL code across
    platforms from one interface
  • Tune SQL with automated
    performance optimization suggestions
  • Tackle complex SQL queries with
    visual SQL tuning diagrams
  • Easily Pinpoint
    problem SQL code
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IDERA provides SQL monitoring tools that help IT professionals improve data quality, boost data performance and ensure data integrity across complex environments. A community of more than 100,000 users in healthcare, financial services, retail and technology rely on IDERA products to optimize business data and take advantage of new business opportunities.