Database Agent Job Monitoring and Management for SQL Server

SQL Enterprise Job Manager

Monitor and manage agent jobs across database instances

Managing agent jobs for SQL Server across multiple servers and instances is difficult without the right tools. Failing jobs that do not complete on time can slow performance, cause added down time, and result in data loss. SQL Enterprise Job Manager monitors and manages SQL Server agent jobs and Windows tasks. The familiar calendar layout makes it easy to view status, manage details, and review history for any job or instance in your environment.

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  • View job status and details with familiar calendar layout
  • Chain jobs together to build automated workflows
  • Configure and manage jobs that run over multiple instances
  • Set alerts to be notified of potential issues

SQL Enterprise Job Manager records performance counters to measure resource utilization per job for planning purposes.

Don McGee, Senior Technology Director, Money Management International

Finance, Medium Enterprise, USA

To solve complex job dependency issues, we coordinate all jobs through SQL Enterprise Job Manager using automatic chaining.

Don McGee, Senior Technology Director, Money Management International

Finance, Medium Enterprise, USA

of surveyed organizations confirmed that it took less than 2 weeks to fully deploy their IDERA Database Tools into production use.

Survey of users of SQL Enterprise Job Manager, 2019


of surveyed organizations, the biggest reason to choose IDERA Database Tools over the competition was the functionality, the price, and the ease of use.

Survey of users of SQL Enterprise Job Manager , 2019

  • Manage with centralized console

    Manage jobs across multiple instances from a single console. Easily build, modify, or delete any job with few simple clicks.

  • Use maintenance mode

    Define maintenance windows for specified instances. Configure jobs to run only within maintenance windows, and disable jobs and alerts not to run.

  • Summarize jobs

    View intuitive job summary with at-a-glance overview of job environment. View alert summary, and schedule of day’s jobs and their status.

  • View calendar schedule

    See jobs and status in familiar calendar layout in calendar schedule. View job schedules across all instances and drill-down for more details.

  • Filter jobs

    Use predefined and custom filters to quickly search and sort through jobs against specific parameters.

  • Create and modify jobs

    Create new SQL Server agent jobs or modify existing jobs on a single instance or across multiple ones. Job wizard provides step-by-step guidance through the job creation process.

  • Identify Performance Issues

    The server performance timeline provides overview of running jobs across instances as compared to CPU cycles being consumed to identify performance hogs.

  • Schedule jobs and resolve conflicts

    The job overlap view provides details on overlapping job runtimes so scheduling can be adjusted to limit conflicts.

  • Analyze job trends

    Analyze job execution results by day, week, month, or year to identify trends and tune performance. View trends like top failed jobs, most frequently run jobs, and longest running jobs.

  • Monitor Windows Server Agent jobs

    Monitor and manage Windows Server Agent jobs alongside SQL Server jobs in a single tool to improve productivity and enable cross-platform job management.

  • Setup alerts and notifications

    Create job alerts and set up email notifications to stay informed and on top of issues as they happen. Set custom alert thresholds to receive tailored notifications.

  • View job history

    See run history of all monitored jobs. Job history page provides overviews of each job’s status, run duration, and summary of results.

  • Copy jobs

    Easily copy jobs and apply to another instance or use them as starting points for quick creation of similar jobs. All original details of jobs are loaded into the job creation wizard.

  • Scale across enterprise

    SQL Enterprise Job Manager is designed to manage jobs across your entire SQL Server environment.

  • Optimize performance

    Customize job status collection interval by instance to optimize balance between performance and data.

  • Install lightweight web console

    Run as a stand-alone web application without need for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).

  • Deploy easily

    Provide access via intuitive web-based user interface. Sign on and use remotely from anywhere.

  • Install on cloud virtual machines

    Unify your control by running SQL Enterprise Job Manager on cloud virtual machines—such as Azure Virtual Machine (VM) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

  • Monitor SQL Server on cloud virtual machines

    Monitor SQL Server instances running on cloud virtual machines —such as Azure VM and Amazon EC2.

  • Monitor hybrid environments with single tool

    Save time by using the same performance-monitoring tool for SQL Server databases on-premises (on your physical and virtual machines); and in private, public, and government cloud (on virtual machines).

  • Access mapped cloud drives

    Get most out of cloud with cloud storage that is mapped as network drives or removable drives on Windows with SQL Enterprise Job Manager. For example, map storage to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Azure Blob Storage.

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