Automate SQL Server Backup Across your Enterprise

SQL Safe Backup

  • Backup faster than native SQL and save space with dynamic compression
  • Reduce failures due to network problems
  • Automate full, differential, and transaction log backups
  • Integrated cloud backup support for Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
  • Instant Restore provides immediate access to backup data
  • Web-based dashboard provides at-a-glance views of top issues and alerts

Instant Restore

Patented Instant Restore technology brings your database online immediately—virtually eliminating application downtime. This can save you huge amounts of time when getting back online in a disaster or searching old backups for a piece of lost data. Once online, your database acts as a fully functional database, supporting all read and write operations. SQL Safe Backup streams data from the backup file “on demand” to support applications and user requests while completing the restore operation in the background.

Speed up SQL Server backups

Automate backups with policies and eliminate the need for scripts or unnecessary overhead of backup and recovery processes experienced when performing backups natively. SQL Safe Backup lets you create backup policies for individual servers and server groups and apply them throughout the SQL environment. Set up automated full, differential, and transaction log backups for optimal flexibility and speed.

Maximize backup file compression

SQL Safe Backup’s patent-pending IntelliCompress2™ technology continually samples system resource usage and automatically adjusts the compres­sion level to ensure the best compression given the state of the environment.

Reduce failures

SQL Safe Backup greatly reduces the possibility of a failure due to a network problem. If a temporary network outage occurs, SQL Safe Backup will simply pause and pick up where it left off once the network is back online.

Support for cloud-based storage

SQL Safe now supports Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage as options for backup, restore, instant restore, and OLR. Users can initiate S3 operations ad-hoc or it can be selected from the backup or restore wizards. They are also able to specify Microsoft Azure Blob Storage as the location for their backup and restore files.

Enterprise-Class Integration

SQL Safe Backup is built with scalability in mind. Server sprawl happens. With SQL Safe Backup, you can save space, plan for growth, and see all the metrics that matter to you when it comes to backups--all in one easy to use central console.

SQL Safe Backup also provides integration with enterprise storage management solutions such as EMC Data Domain and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager to adhere to corporate standards as needed.

New Web-based Design

SQL Safe Backup provides an easy to use web UI accessible from any web browser. The dashboard view displays backup and restore issues, backup policies created and more from one consolidated view. Users can toggle between navigation tabs to perform backup tasks as needed. SQL Safe Backup is also designed to work within IDERA’s Dashboard providing an integrated common console to use across IDERA products.

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