Solutions for Microsoft Azure

View performance and availability, and perform root cause analysis for your Azure environment with Uptime Infrastructure Monitor. Manage and query Azure SQL Database with the administration capabilities and database query tool in Aqua Data Studio. Monitor the performance of SQL Server cloud deployments including Azure SQL Database with SQL Diagnostic Manager for predictive alerting and diagnostics. Tune the performance of SQL Server cloud deployments including Azure SQL Database via expert recommendations using SQL Doctor. Monitor database and transaction performance with Precise for Databases. Easily create Azure SQL Database data models and access SQL Server data sources on an Azure instance for improved data consistency and quality using ER/Studio Data Architect. Synchronize and migrate databases for Azure SQL Database with SQL Comparison Toolset. Backup to and restore from Azure Blob Storage with SQL Safe Backup.


Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

IT performance monitoring and optimization from a unified dashboard

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SQL Diagnostic Manager

Comprehensive SQL Server performance monitoring, alerting and diagnostics

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SQL Doctor

Complete SQL Server Performance Tuning

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Precise for Databases

Monitor, diagnose, and optimize database performance

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Simplify data modeling in multi-platform environments, including Azure SQL Database and SQL Server on Azure

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SQL Comparison Toolset

Manage data and schema changes in SQL Server

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Aqua Data Studio

Design and manage databases, and visually analyze data for many platforms

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SQL Safe Backup

Hands-free backup and instant recovery across your SQL Servers

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