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IDERA is focused on delivering the industry’s most complete solution for data modeling. ER/Studio offers enterprise-class capabilities with features superior to or not available in other products.

Compare, side by side, the features and functionalities of the best data modeling tools the market has to offer. Download a free trial today!

ER/Studio Data Architect Professional erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Ed. PowerDesigner DataArchitect/RE
Database modeling – logical and physical
Unlimited nested sub-model capability
Dimensional modeling with properties
Enterprise data dictionary
Universal mappings (linking of instances across models)
Business Data Objects
Full macro programming language
Entity-level checkout and edit granularity
Model branch, compare, and bi-directional merge
Model repository – version control and collaboration
Model change management with referenced tasks/requirements
All major relational DBMS platforms
Data warehouse platforms
Big data platforms
Extended relational notation for embedded objects and arrays (MongoDB)
User-defined metadata extensions
User-defined security and governance properties

Several industry reviews have recognized the strengths of ER/Studio, and have called out specific capabilities such as:

Feature Description
Extensibility Flexible attachments and data dictionary
Compare / Merge Easiest and most automated
Macro Language Standard language; more capabilities and options
Mapping & Linking Flexible mapping and linking for traceability
Ease of Use Consistent behavior across product

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