Create and Manage ERDs

(Entity-Relationship Diagrams)

Design databases properly and
collaborate effectively.

An entity-relationship diagram (ERD) allows you to:
erd tool

Design new databases

Understand and consolidate databases

Migrate databases to new technologies

Understand and design data warehouses

Govern your data

erd tool

For data architecture, you need a tool to:

  • Draw entity-relationship diagrams (ERDs)
  • Reverse-engineer ERDs from existing databases
  • Create logical views to capture and communicate business requirements
  • Create physical views to describe the schema design specific to the data product
  • Generate code to implement database designs
  • Manage changes from requirements through to code generation
  • Manage versions of designs
  • Manage relational, NoSQL and file based data assets in one place
  • Publish and collaborate with business stakeholders
  • Connect into Data Governance initiatives through the business glossary
  • Visualize the data movements between data assets
construct databases

A simplicity of design to
construct databases efficiently

A visual representation to uncover
potential design improvements early in
the development process


A vehicle for communication between
technical and business stakeholders.

A central place to manage and govern
the information and data of the organization

ER/Studio Data Architect is an ER diagram tool that helps data modelers and architects to create and manage entity-relationship diagrams (ERDs), both platform-independent and platform-specific. Unlike its competition, it provides the broadest range of data platform support, industry-leading enterprise-level capabilities, visual data lineage and flow modeling,
full dimensional modeling for data warehousing and business intelligence, and business data objects to bridge the gap between developers and data architects.
With ER/Studio Data Architect, the adage that a
picture is worth a thousand words could not be truer when it

comes to having a clear readable ERD as part of design
review and impact analysis.

Brian Lawton Data Architect at Redtail Creek Software
(small business, computer software, USA)

Learn more about how ER/Studio Data Architect, can help you with your entity-relationship
diagrams (ERDs). Request a product demonstration with a seasoned professional, download a free,
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