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Document, design, and communicate data assets faster and easier : Round-trip database support gives ER/Studio Data Architect users the power to easily reverse- and forward-engineer, compare and merge, and visually document data assets across multiple relational, NoSQL, and ETL platforms and data sources. Built-in facilities automate routine data modeling tasks so users can analyze and optimize database and data warehouse designs faster than ever.


Group multiple entities aligned to a specific area into a Business Data Object : Create Business Data Objects by assigning one or more related entities to a BDO. You can easily view attributes, definitions, or other information about the entities in the objects. These BDOs now become reusable objects that can be used in other submodels within the model. You can quickly expand or collapse a Business Data Object (BDO) to simplify the model view for different audiences.


Streamline collaboration on data models in a team environment through a shared repository : The Repository (included with ER/Studio Data Architect Professional) provides a secure and scalable environment for model and object version management and change management. Data modeling teams can check-out and check-in portions of the same model to work collaboratively within the repository, and easily identify which model objects have been checked in using the model explorer tree.


Easily compare differences between two data models or databases, and merge changes between them : ER/Studio Data Architect’s Compare and Merge wizard helps you reduce duplication and risk associated with multiple data sources and platforms. Quickly compare data models and databases to identify differences, and determine whether to merge differences to the source or the target. ER/Studio generates the Alter scripts to implement the changes for a database.


Manage and track model changes against user stories or tasks : In ER/Studio Data Architect Professional, data modelers can create change records to represent user stories or tasks aligned to the development workflow and associate them to models stored in the Repository. Object check-in and check-out within the Repository can be linked to a specific change record stored in the Change Management Center.