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With Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Combine PowerShell and Uptime Infrastructure Monitor to automate and
proactively monitor Microsoft technologies, plan capacity, manage SLAs, and more.

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Flexible Automation and
Monitoring for PowerShell

Connect new and existing PowerShell scripts to Uptime
Infrastructure Monitor and utilize the vast power of
PowerShell via the customizable monitoring environment.

  • Automatically react to problems detected by
    service monitors that run scripts
  • Alert, escalate, and recover by executing scripts
  • Connect existing scripts to monitoring environment
    to automate their execution
  • Avoid writing certain scripts in flexible yet simple
    monitoring environment

Comprehensive and
Unified IT Monitoring

Seamlessly monitor, analyze, and report on a wide
variety of performance, availability, capacity planning,
and system health metrics across all platforms.

  • Monitor servers, VMs, network devices,
    and apps from a unified dashboard
  • Track service-level performance trends for SLA
    compliance and reporting
  • Use historic data to plan for future server capacity needs

Simplicity and Scalability

Begin monitoring in a matter of mere minutes.
Once you’re up and running, Uptime Infrastructure
Monitor can easily scale to over 100,000 elements.

  • Install in minutes with a new Discovery Wizard
  • Monitor virtually anything via a multitude of pre-built plugins
  • Streamline incident management with native ServiceNow integration
Unify your IT performance monitoring and
optimization with Uptime Infrastructure Monitor.
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An excellent tool for monitoring just about any server platform you care to mention.
Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is, frankly, superb. Ridiculously easy to use, vast range of platforms
supported, addresses all the monitoring, reporting, and alerting needs of the system manager.- David Cartwright, TechWorld

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