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SQL Diagnostic Manager
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SQL Diagnostic Manager

SQL Diagnostic Manager

Empower your team: Manage traditional
and cloud databases with a single tool,
turning the DBA team into a team of
YES instead of no.

Avoid the learning curve: Manage cloud
databases without having to learn new
tools, allowing you to devote more time
to new business needs.

Don’t fear the cloud: Manage the
performance and availability of cloud
and traditional databases in a single tool.

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SQL Secure

SQL Secure

Peace of mind: Rest assured knowing that
your organization is protected from
becoming the latest statistic in cloud
database breaches.

A sentry always on guard: Your cloud
databases are configured to protect against attacks and to support security audits.

A clear path to support new database
You don’t have to compromise
your security just to support new business
initiatives, SQL Secure does the
hard work for you.

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SQL Doctor

SQL Doctor

Adopt the cloud with confidence:
SQL Doctor’s expert recommendations
prepare you for your cloud migration.

Quick Start: Eliminate the steep learning
curve associated with cloud databases
with a smart expert assistant always
at your side to guide you.

Avoid making critical errors with
new cloud databases:
SQL Doctor’s
expert engine analyzes your specific
situation, providing you with
customized guidance.

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ER/Studio Data Artitect

Need a data modeling tool for cloud databases?

Model data for cloud databases with ER/Studio Data Architect. Create effective data models to build a business-driven data architecture in the cloud.

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