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Automate & optimize database defragmentation

SQL Defrag Manager is a unique SQL Server index defragmentation solution that automates the time-consuming process of finding fragmented indexes based on parameters that you define within a policy for the targeted database. It gives you the flexibility to run the defragmentation utility immediately or during off-peak hours, all through an easy-to-use graphical user interface. There are no manual scripts required. SQL Defrag Manager improves server performance by ensuring that indexes are defragmented, which helps SQL server applications run faster and frees DBAs to perform other tasks.


SQL Server database administrators are tasked with maintaining the high availability and performance of their servers. Key areas that dramatically affect SQL Server performance are indexes that are fragmented and/or out of cluster. With the SQL Defrag Manager user interface, DBAs can define policies to automate the entire defragmentation process and be assured that it will only run when it’s needed. Furthermore, with proactive intelligence and process status notifications, the DBA is kept informed of any exceptions that may occur. SQL Defrag Manager provides the DBA with a defragmentation autopilot for the entire SQL Server enterprise. Just tell it where to go with as little or as much detail as you’d like and watch SQL Defrag Manager do the rest.


  • Automates the identification of index fragmentation “hot spots”
  • Schedules index defragmentation jobs (automatic, semiautomatic, manual)
  • Provides option to “Update Statistics” for improved optimizer access path selection
  • Proactively checks system resources prior to performing defragmentation and delivers email notifications for policy and resource check exceptions
  • Manages index fill factor settings to ensure efficient insert/update operations
  • Provides centralized management and detailed reporting


Automated SQL Defragmentation

Fragmentation effects are cumulative and nearly impossible to predict. Scripts are difficult to update and maintain to keep up with the need. SQL Defrag Manager performs an automated analysis of key fragmentation metrics to quickly pinpoint page fragmentation hot spots and resolve fragmentation issues, resulting in improved, more consistent server performance.

Enterprise-ready Defragmentation From a Single Console

SQL Defrag Manager’s dashboard displays all the SQL servers in your enterprise, each is color coded to reflect how much impact fragmentation is having on it, its databases, tables and indexes. You can easily sort to bring the items most in need of your attention to the forefront and run defrag jobs across databases as needed ad-hoc or schedule a convenient time during off-peak hours.

Easy-to-Use and Agentless

Fragmentation details are intelligently collected based on customizable automation policies. SQL defrag manager is agent-less, simply running as a service, quietly in the background which keeps overhead on your servers low. Plus, SQL Defrag Manager installs quickly and supports a mixed environment of Windows integrated security and SQL Server native security.

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