Datasheet : Why Invest in SQL Server Performance Monitoring

In today’s data-driven world, the costs of IT downtime can quickly add up – to a tune of thousands of dollars per minute. And slowdowns in database performance can be disastrous.

That is where SQL Server performance monitoring comes in. By proactively monitoring the availability, health, and performance of your SQL Server environment, your IT teams can resolve issues before they impact your organization. Learn why it is time to invest in SQL Server performance monitoring and be prepared for future growth.

Read this datasheet to learn about the key benefits of SQL Server performance monitoring, and how to reduce the costs of business downtime.

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24X7 SQL performance monitoring, alerting and diagnostics

  • Monitor performance for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
  • Monitor queries and query plans to see the causes of blocks and deadlocks.
  • Monitor application transactions with SQL Workload Analysis add-on.
  • View expert recommendations from SQL Doctor to optimize performance.
  • Alert predictively with settings to avoid false alerts.
  • View summary of top issues and alerts with the web console add-on.

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