Relational Database Administration for Multiple Platforms


Version 17.1

  • Support for Azure Active Directory
  • Updated real-time syntax checking and code formatting
  • Increased performance for ISQL window and batch processing

Version 17.0.4

  • SQL Server 2019 (experimental support), PostgreSQL 11.2, Oracle 18c and 19c database support
  • Bug fixes

Version 17.0.3

  • Sybase 16.0 database and debugger support
  • Bug fixes

Version 17.0

  • Platform updates:
    • SQL Server 2017 database and Windows Server 2016 OS support
    • MySQL bug fixes and support up through 5.7.18
    • PostgreSQL up through 9.6.x, plus SQL code completion
    • Greenplum support for SQL code completion
  • Additional SQL Server platform support:
    • Enhanced execution plans – pre & post views, display modes
    • New server storage list views – File Groups, Data Files, Log Files
    • Support for advanced object properties including In-Memory Tables, Natively Compiled Triggers / Procedures / Functions, Column-Store Indexes, Encryption, Data Compression, Temporal Tables, Data Masking
    • Debugger updated for local databases for latest releases
    • Problem report generation extended to SQL Server environments
  • .msi version available for UI-free “headless” installation

Version 16.6

  • Additional Oracle object types
    • Audit Policies
    • Unified Auditing
    • Resource Plans
  • Improved Oracle Explain Plan support

Version 16.5

  • DBArtisan now has a single edition that includes all available features including the analyst pack, and has been rebranded for IDERA.
  • Oracle enhancements include additional schema object types, partitioning options, and set current schema.
  • Usability improvements for visibility to data in the database, internal SQL statements, and ability to capture system and product details in an automated error report.

Version 16.0

  • Analyst Explorer Node
    • Provides shortcuts to the License-specific Analyst Package tools, including Capacity Analyst, Performance Analyst, and Space Analyst
  • SQL Analytics (ISQL Performance for SQL Server)
    • Generates syntax performance hints and suggests syntax construction changes where suboptimal SQL statement construction has been used, which leads to poor performance
    • Analyzes the system to look for Missing Indexes and suggests indexes to improve performance where the existing indexes insufficiently cover the query and cause excessive data scans
  • Team Server Integration
    • Designate Team Server as the data source catalog
    • Login to your data source using your Team Server credentials
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