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Design & Architecture

Data Modeling & Architecture

Idera SQL Products
ER/Studio Data Architect
Share and manage data models
for multiple platforms
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ER/Studio Business Architect
Create conceptual and business process
models for business architecture
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ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition
Design and share data models and
metadata with the enterprise
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"I cannot adequately emphasize the impact that ER/Studio will have on the success of your enterprise. The cost of the product is barely a concern compared to the money it will save your company and the modeling enhancements it will offer your development team."



Idera SQL Products
Aqua Data Studio
Design and manage databases, and visually
analyze data for many platforms
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Rapid SQL
Efficiently develop high
performing SQL code
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DB Change Manager
Automate, manage, and track complex
database schema changes
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DB PowerStudio
Comprehensive database development,
administration, and performance tuning
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SQL Comparison Toolset
Manage data and schema changes in
SQL Server and Oracle Database
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