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The cloud is the future

Effectively managing your SQL Server databases in the cloud is essential

  • Due to the increasing pressure to keep up with the digital transformation, many organizations need to move their databases to the cloud.
  • SQL Server databases are moving to the cloud and managed cloud databases (such as Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS for SQL Server) are also increasing in use.
  • Migration to cloud-based databases and workloads is driven by organization management to realize cost savings.
  • Cost savings do not necessarily happen automatically after migrating databases to the cloud.
  • You need to manage and leverage your growing database environment, expand your infrastructure wisely, and manage risk to control costs.

Be proactive not reactive, by finding and fixing issues before they negatively affect the organization.

Better data, better insights

Easily manage your SQL Server databases in the cloud

SQL Server databases deployed in the cloud require careful configuration and monitoring. Deploying databases in the cloud can provide many benefits. However, if your databases aren’t correctly set up or managed, the resulting problems can be costly. Before, during, and after deployment, consider the following questions:

  • Do you have a plan to minimize sprawl and avoid security breaches?
  • Can you transition without hitting performance issues or excessive costs?
  • Do you understand how to leverage your databases and data in the cloud most effectively?
  • Do you have a comprehensive picture of the types of data that you store, and how sensitive it is?

In a recent survey, a mere 7% of respondents report extremely good visibility of all critical data—and 58% claim only moderate or slight visibility.

IDERA solutions for cloud databases

The path to successful cloud database management

If you are not managing SQL Server databases properly in the cloud, it is just a matter of time before lightning strikes. Proper database management across the environment involves multiple aspects and tasks, and produces critical benefits:

  • Manage the inventory, security, configuration, disaster recovery, performance, migration, data, and data models of your databases on physical machines, virtual machines, and cloud-hosted virtual machines, as well as managed cloud databases.
  • Save on software purchases, reduce the learning curve, reduce deployment time, and maximize the return on investment.
  • Manage your databases across your entire environment seamlessly to ensure that goals are achieved, and costs are controlled.

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