Application and Relational Database Performance Monitoring for Multiple Platforms


Track the performance of application transactions into relational databases for multiple platforms from a single user interface

Database Performance Fuels Company Performance

The majority of application issues are database related. 

Relational databases are at the heart of IT organizations. When database performance deteriorates, this directly affects the performance of applications and entire businesses. When not resolved quickly, downtime and slow systems result in lost revenue, lower productivity, and increased support costs. 

When performance problems occur, database administrators (DBAs) are frequently the first to troubleshoot. Often, there is no proof of where issues lie. Many database monitoring tools can extract metrics and provide data alerts. However, without context for what is driving these metrics, performance management may not always be successful. Consequently, DBAs need a solution that provides insight into the real causes of performance bottlenecks to resolve problems regardless of where they exist in the stack.

Multiple Platform Database Monitoring and Alerting

Find database performance issues in Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and Sybase. 

Most organizations use multiple database platforms to support their myriad of applications, users, and locations. Typically, database environments consist of a combination of relational databases (such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and Sybase). Managing each of these platforms (with their inconsistent performance data and varying support service levels) independently results in significant management efforts and operational costs. 

Instead, manage multiple database platforms from a single tool. Continuously monitor database performance (such as wait states, SQL, workload, configurations, and I/O). Store historical statistics by instance, user, and application to provide the necessary context to see the entire picture. Display all database platforms in the database environment in a single global dashboard console to identify and remediate problems.

Performance Management Database

View business context and performance details together in a central repository. 

Store the business context and performance details together in a central repository to track transaction paths through all tiers of virtual and physical infrastructure. Correlate transactions with users, databases, devices, files, and accessed objects to identify performance problems anywhere within the database environment.

Root Cause Identification

Track transactions paths through all tiers and drill down in context. 

Analyze SQL statements, database objects, and instances to uncover specific causes. See access paths in detailed steps and see statistics needed to understand each step to isolate problems fast. 

Drill down in the context of user transactions to pinpoint root causes of problems. Such root causes include poorly designed SQL statements, applications, database objects, and resource shortages in underlying operating systems, virtualization infrastructures, and storage layers.

Tuning Recommendations

Get tuning advice on SQL statements, database objects, and indexes. 

Access a library of knowledge with proactive tuning recommendations. The tuning recommendations include SQL statement tuning, database object tuning, index tuning, and index cost. With this guidance on where to look and what to do, fix performance problems to minimize the time investment to research and resolve performance problems.

What-if Analysis

Predict impact of proposed changes to remove risk. 

From provided actionable advice, perform what-if analysis to predict the potential impact of proposed modifications to eliminate the risk of accidentally making things worse.

Capacity Planning

Align server and storage capacity with database growth. 

Plan capacity for growth and get ahead of capacity constraints to avoid running out of space unprepared, as databases are constantly growing and evolving. Connect transaction performance with the infrastructure that it depends on to align server and storage capacity with developing business needs.

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