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SQL Admin Toolset 1.9.6
SQL BI Manager 2.2
SQL Compliance Manager 5.9
SQL Defrag Manager 3.7
SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server 11.1
SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL 8.9.3
SQL Doctor 3.7
SQL Enterprise Job Manager 2.3
SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.2
SQL Query Tuner 18.1
SQL Safe Backup 8.7.2
SQL Secure 4.0
SQL Workload Analysis 1.7.0
Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.8.6
Precise 10.3.1
DBArtisan 18.1
DB Change Manager 18.1
DB Optimizer 18.1
Rapid SQL 18.1
ER/Studio Data Architect 19.1.1
ER/Studio Business Architect 19.0
ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition 19.1.1
Aqua Data Studio 22.1.3

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